Prologue vst missing after upgrade to cubase 12


I recently upgraded my Cubase Pro to version 12 and i realized that Prologue VST is missing from the VST instruments. The installation file does not appear in the download assistant.

I have projects which created using the previous version on Cubase, where I used Prologue VST on several tracks.

Is this happening to you too???

Thank you in advance


Please use the forum search:

Hello Steve…thank you for your reply…

As far as I can get is that Prologue isnt part of the new version of Cubase… So…what you think should I do to my tracks I used Prologue?

Thank you


see Mystic, Prologue and Specter not in Cubase 12 - #4 by Roger_Schumann


Thank you once more…

The link you posted describes a way to reinstall the missing plugins by using the vstsound files placed in the previous installation folder (Cubase 11)

This folder in my PC is empty, due to upgrade process, so I cant locate the vstsound files

Any further suggestions?

Thank you


Not sure what you’re referring to, new installs exist side by side with old, in separate Program Files directories.

That post is talking about the VST3 file, not content. You can install Cubase 11 again if you removed it.

This link shows how to access the presets too + Loopmash (assuming you have the relevant Cubase 11 or earlier install).

Can’t find Prologue / Mystic / Spector in Cubase 12 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums