I get that “Dorico” is pronounced with an accent on the first syllable.

But is it DO ri co or DOR i co? The original Italian would use the former whereas native English speakers would incline towards the latter.

Asking this another way, how do you, Daniel, pronounce it?

If you type it into Google Translate and click Italian, you will hear it with an elongated first syllable DO-O and a little flip on the “r.” I don’t think you are pronouncing it that way. Then click on English and you get an American pronunciation that is very different. I bet you aren’t saying it that way either.

I guess I pronounce it closer to DOR-ee-co than DO-ree-co.

It is italian so Do - ri - co would be correct.

But the important thing is that you get the correct product when doing your phone-order :wink: