Propagate Properties of percussion legend from full score

Hi I have some pretty detailed custom text in my full score. It indicates what beaters should be used for specific moments. Is there any way to propagate that property on to the percussion part? I really do not want to re type in everything.

My first thought would be that the text should already be in the part if it is in the score. Unless you have changed an existing property (not a text object) while in Local scope. In that case, you should select all those objects and then run the command Propagate Properties from the Edit menu.
I hope I understood your query.

Percussion legends are layout-specific, I believe, but you should find that you can filter for them, copy them to the clipboard, then switch to the percussion layout, and paste them in.

Is there a way to do it in multiple flows - or do I have to repeat the process for each flow?

I believe you will have to do this for each flow, yes.

I was able to copy/paste flow by flow but just letting you know, there was in fact NOT a filter option. Perhaps I did something in error but ultimately it proved easier just to select the few instances of percussion and go from there. The copy/waste was accurate though!

Hi @bmomusical if you select one Percussion Legend on a staff, you can do Select More (shift+alt+A) and all the Percussion Legends on that staff will be selected for the flow (and you can then copy and paste them to parts etc…)