Propagate properties: practical Tips ??

Hi community,

Edit menu - Propagate properties: who can give me practical tips, have not found anything in the manual.(or did I miss something?)
Thanks Eggi

Please see page 66 following in the Dorico 2.2 Version History PDF.

Map it to Ctrl-Alt-P! You’ll probably use it often.

Ok, I’ve already looked, but I thought I could transfer articulations like staccato or something similar.

Articulations are already present in all layouts. You don’t need to use Propagate Properties to make articulations appear in both the full score and the instrumental parts, because that will always be the case.

My idea was to transfer a finished 1st violin with its articulations into the 2nd violins. Of course I can first copy the first violin and then change the notes. Thanks anyway for the quick response to both.

Articulations are not properties (you cannot enter them using the bottom panel), they belong to the notes. That is why you cannot select them without selecting the notes. So yes, you are right, the faster workflow here is to select, copy to staff below (shift-alt-m on my machine), Entry note mode (shift-n), press l (lock duration) and write the new pitches.

Technically articulations are properties, i.e. they are shown in the score because of properties set on notes. But in any case Propagate Properties doesn’t copy properties on one items to properties on different items in the same layout: it only copies properties for the same items between layouts.