Propagating not working properly?

I am trying Dorico 2, and I am amazed of the great improvements you have made. Congratulations for the work!
One of the best improvements, in my opinion, is the “propagate” feature. I am testing it, and I might have found a bug. I enclose the file. The problem is that when trying to propagate the properties of the note head that has no ledger lines in the part, to the score, it only works if I select ONLY the note head. If I select the whole figure (using shift and hold-dragging the mouse), it does not propagate. Is that intended, or it is really a bug?
Thank you very much in advanced!
Untitled Project (485 KB)

This isn’t a bug, though of course it’s a bit of a subtle behaviour: if you select the stem rather than the notehead, you’re making a different kind of selection, which is one that doesn’t allow propagation of those properties.

Thank you very much Daniel for your fast answer! I have tried to select only two note heads, and it does not work either… It works only when selecting a single note head.
By the way, how could I be sure that everything in the bar is propagating? (without making different selections). I have tried “select all” and it does not work in engraving mode… I have also tried select all in writing mode and the change to engraving mode (which keeps selection), but it does not work either.

You should find that selecting just the noteheads works fine for propagating properties. You might try Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords before you switch to Engrave mode and then propagate the properties to be sure you only have notes selected.

It works this way! In any case, I think the natural behaviour should be that if everything is selected, propagating should affect everything (but I suppose that if it is not so, must be for a reason that I can not imagine at the moment).
Thank you very much for your help!

Dear Xavier,
Do not forget that the “propagate properties” is a stop-gap feature to let us work in good conditions, but it has been made very clear when it appeared that itis not the “real thing”, which will require some more thought and work from the team. So it’s not perfect… because it was not meant to be perfect :wink:

Oh, didn’t know that! Now it makes sense! Thanks, and good job. I am seriously thinking in changing to Dorico, its getting amazing!
Best regards.