Propagating Score Layout - Possible?

So my client would like 4 different versions of the score: 1 condensed and concert pitch, 1 uncondensed and concert pitch, 1 condensed and transposed pitch, and 1 uncondensed and transposed pitch.

My thinking was I could create duplicate score and then propagate the format of the one I had worked on (like how I do with parts) but it does not see like there is an option. Is there a way to work around this?

You can’t propagate part formatting between score layouts; that’s limited to part layouts (as hinted in the name).

However, when you duplicate any existing layout, including scores, all formatting, page overrides, staff spacing changes etc are retained in the duplicate. So get one score looking the way you want, then duplicate it 3 times, and amend the duplicates as required.


How do you duplicate the score? I definitely have one score the way I like it already.

One does not duplicate the score, one creates duplicate layouts in the right-hand column of Setup mode. (Right-click on the desired layout to duplicate it via the pull-down context menu…)

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