Proper Handling of Piccolo Clarinets

Sadly, 4.0 continues the “tradition” of getting Piccolo Clarinets wrong, using that term to refer to the extremly obscure high Ab, and not the Eb/D clarinets that are nigh-universally referred to as such in scores (and more importantly, NOT NUMBERED with the “regular” A/Bb/C clarinets.

You know, there are good days and bad days to report these kinds of issues. This may not be among the best such days to report them. (But I have made a note.)

So, to give a positive update:

It actually works!!!

Just add the Piccolo Clarinet in Ab, and use the transposition override on both the score and part.

The thing that really surprised me is that doing so even fixed the staff labels… it even works with two instruments on one player

The only thing it doesn’t fix automatically is the part name, but that’s easily enough done.