Proper VST configuration

I have Edirol Orchestral as my VST. I’ll hit F11 and add three slots worth, then assign MIDI tracks to either Edirol 1, 2 or 3. However, I’m experiencing the audio failing when the third VST is in operation. Last night only Edirol 2 worked, not 1 or 3, but I reassigned all of 3 to various channels on Edirol 1. Sometimes I’ll hit play, hear the sounds start, then a split second later all sounds stop, but all track movement and lights still function. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have older, larger imported MIDI projects that I’ll play beforehand and they play flawlessly. Anyway, should I be using Edirol on multiple VST slots? It’s never been an issue for the past 8 years and 2 other Cunases I’ve run, but Cubase Studio5 has been one problem after another. Anyway, thanks.

Do your older projects that work flawlessly have Edirol in them? Could it be that Edirol consumes more RAM or Asio card than your previous projects? Need to know a little more about your setup. (OS, RAM, Processor, Sound card etc)
Could be a compatibility problem.
I have Studio 5 and have had no problems for the last 5 years or so.

Yes, Edirol is only VST being used.
Window 7 32, 4.00 GB RAM, Pentium Dual-Core 2.8Ghz, M-Audio Fast Track Pro, All latest updates and drivers.

Please, this problem plagues me. Only my ‘orchestral dll’ file plays. I did the ‘rename your VSTplugins folder’ and see if the problem is a file. I updated the latest orchestral, is it my sample library? That’s my biggest question, If I need to replace software, is it Cubase, Sample library or Audio Interface? What if the problem persists? I don’t have the funds to buy a new system. Would my sample library cause Cubase to crash?

Firstly, I would trash the prefs if you hadn’t tried that already. Secondly, if it’s sound based, I would suspect the sound card. Make sure you have the right driver chosen in the audio section. Lastly, if the problem persists, I would try a different sound card just as a process of elimination. See if you can borrow one just for the test.

Trash the prefs, you mean where you move or rename the file that has the start up things and you have to open your project without all the settings you’ve already made? I did that, sound still fails. Steinberg recommended I get the audio-interface I have now as my best option, it works with other projects fine. I have the newest driver for that. I’ll try to obtain a new one to test out. Hopefully sometime before the holiday so I can keep this dialog up. Thanks.

No prob. I’ll be here.

Nope. It does the same thing, except instead of no sound, it’s just does the buzzing, which was an older problem. When I try to close Cubase it becomes ‘not responding’ then when I go to Task manager, it also becomes 'Not responding". Installed an audiobox usb, got the latest driver.

If this is a problem that has developed on a system that has worked fine in the past, I’m thinking that maybe an update or program was added that may be incompatible. Sometimes, in and of itself, a program or update would be fine but sometimes creates problems when in combination with others. Process of elimination would be in order here but it may be a lot easier if you could restore your OS to a date before this problem occurred.

New computer, new Cubase. Had this since Jan 2011, got Asus and Cubase 5. Kept Edirol, Hypersonic was copy and couldn’t get it to install correctly. Had computer’s sound card. Never since day 1 did it work correctly, 3 times I had a Steinberg support help me out for different issues, this one goes way back. So there’s no previous date. I now know it’s not the Audio interface. Only the sequencer and Eridol left. I’ll continue working at it and looking up articles.

When the sound starts, I switch the device and it goes away. But then I switch it back to Fast track Pro ASIO and Cubase freezes.

When the noise stopped, did you have normal sound? Does it work fine with the device you switched to? Maybe you’ll have to roll back to an earlier driver for M Audio. If that doesn’t work, …
Try starting from the basic. Uninstall Edirol (and Hypersonic if that was ever installed) and try working with just Cubase and the computer sound card. Make multiple instances of plugins that draw the most ASIO and processing power and push it. If all is well, then install M Audio and see if the problems arise. If not, then install Edirol. There very well could be an incompatibility with M Audio and Edirol on this computer. Especially if you can get one to work without the other.
I know this may be a silly question but are you sure you’re running the 32 bit version of Cubase and not the 64?

Start up on Cubase shows 5.5.3 (32bit) I switched to ASIO Multimedia Driver and it still sputtered. Even froze the computer that time too. ASIO4all v2 lasted a little longer, but then did the original ‘repeat a fraction of the sound continuously’ sputter, until I switched to Fast track Pro ASIO. Sound works on other devices after I switch, like the internet. However, after the event, sound stops working in Cubase even when other programs play like WMP until I restart Cubase. I’ll uninstall Eridol and play around with Halion, and see if it comes back.

Cool. Keep us updated.