Properties panel only showing comon

Hi, I am trying to put stemless notes on Dorico and I it seems I should do it on the properties panel.
If I select only one note, I can see the option to hide stem.
However, if I select multiple notes, when I open the properties panel only the “common” option appears, I don’t see the option “notes and rests”
What should I do?

PS: I reinforce the demand someone made in another topic to add bold as an option for lyrics. Underline would also be good.


You have too many types of objects selected. The Properties Panel is context sensitive. So, you are getting only the properties in common with notes, lyrics, etc that you have selected.

Go to Write mode and use the filter feature in the Edit menu to select just notes.

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I often wish the filter function would work in engrave mode as well, as I often select notes (and accidentally or intentionally pauses, because faster) and already switch to engrave mode, just to find that I need to go back again to apply my filter.

Don’t forget Select More (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A), which selects more of the same kind of item and works in Engrave mode. In this case, select a single note, type the keystroke for Select More three times and you should find that all the notes are selected and nothing else.

If you want all the lyrics in a lyric line to appear bold or underlined, you can do that by changing the relevant font style to a font with the corresponding attribute. It’s true that you can’t currently have one or two lyrics within a lyric line bold/underlined and leave the rest as-is, though.

Is there a simple way of knowing those shortcuts? I mean, something like right click and show what to do.

That one’s on the Edit menu, and the shortcut should show up alongside the menu item.

There’s also Key Commands on the Help menu, which will load a web page that shows a keyboard and all of the currently-assigned shortcuts.