Properties panel uncomfortable

One of the things that made me fall in love with Dorico from the beginning is its use of keyboard shortcuts, that I practically don’t have to use the trackpad/mouse to use it. Precisely because of this I find it extremely annoying every time I have to access the properties panel (cmd+8) to perform actions, some of them sometimes recurrent and very common, such as laissez vibrare or harmonics, and that slow down your workflow significantly, besides feeling inconsistent with the rest of the program handling. I can’t even invoke them with the letter “J”. Couldn’t the latter be done at least somehow?

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Jump Toggle laisser vibrez tie works fine for me.


This one at least is available as a shortcut already:

Most elements in the Properties panel can at least be hacked into your user keycommands file though. Under the Script menu, if you Start Recording Macro, do the command you want, then Stop Recording Macro, you’ll be able to see the command. You can then copy and paste that into your user keycommands file following the syntax of the file. For example I have a shortcut for aVoid Collisions that looks like this:

	"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kTextAvoidCollisions&Value=string: true" : [ "Shift+Alt+V" ]

EDIT: @Janus beat me to it with the l.v. toggle


I sometimes record a macro of an action in Properties to see if it can be reproduced by script. If so, the script will reveal the name of the command, if any, so then I can assign it a shortcut within Dorico. (And if there’s no built-in command for it, but the script works, a shortcut can be assigned to that through the System.)

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Thank you! Can you believe that although I wrote “laissez” here, in the program I had looked it up as “lasciare”? :man_facepalming:

Thank you!

Thank you very much!