Proplem Bridging vst2's/plugins from Program Files (86)

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have a new DAW and and reinstalling all my vst’s, including vst 2’s and effects plugins. Some have installed fine but others are not being seen by Cubase 7 even though I have tried bridging them.

Two instruments that do open up Cubase 7 are garritan world instruments and personal orchestra. Then I installed Zeta 2 and it is not in my vsti list at all, when I go to open it up in a new project. Same goes for Nexus and HSO.

I know some of these go into Program Files (x86) and thats where I’m trying to bridge them from, they are not showing up in my vsti list even when I add a new location and update the list.

I’m running Win 7 64Bit Pro with the latest update of Cubase 7 installed.

Any ideas?

I have personally found that for some reason (whether it’s a bug or me doing something wrong, I am not sure) that I can only get the plugs to show up if they are in the ProgramFiles\Steinberg… folder rather than the ProgramFiles(x86)\Steinberg… path. This is true even if I add the latter location to the paths to be scanned for VST’s.

Maybe it’s supposed to be this way as a function of 64 vs 32 bit, not sure…I’m on 64 and only have a few 64 bit plugs.

Hi Krudler

thx for replying. I too have a 64 bit system, running Win 7 Pro. Even when loading a new-ish vst like Zeta 2 it does not show up. I’m going to have another go at this. Once again, thx very much.

Personally I try to avoid using the default locations where possible.
The Steinberg plugins, UAD & Waves are about all I let go to defaults.
Everything else goes into one of 3 folders:
C:/Program Files/64 (for all 64-bit plugs)
C:/Program Files/32 (for all 32-bit plugs)
C:/Program Files/32_Shared (for 32-bit plugs that also have a 64-bit version installed)

64-bit hosts point at 64 & 32.
32-bit hosts point at 32 & 32_shared
Seems to work well here, although the downside is that you need to set the paths every time you install a new build or version