Proplem to write Download es Code ??

Proplem to write Download Access Code
Hi ! I have new Yamaha MG 10XU and huge problem to write the download code correctly only - 25 characters ??
It should not be so difficult :astonished: Should someone have a big or small letter ??

  • “This Download Access Code is not 25 characters long”
  • "Activation “…”… of 32 characters-
  • “Please correct your input”. - ". Any ideas thx :smiley:


No idea, because I don’t know much about your case.

Make sure you are inserting the correct code. Make sure you are not inserting Activation Code instead of Download Access Code or vice versa, please.

If there is a 0 (zero) or o (O) in the code, it’a always 0 (zero).

This is a duplicate of this