Proportional draging of parameter values in the key editor

rookie question:
How can I drag note-attirubuted values (for example note modulation) at the bottom of the key editor proportionally? I am basically trying to manipulate volume curves of long notes, so my interest is not it the notes themselves (top part of key editor). I can move a whole section but how can proportionally enlarge such a part?


Use the Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Property | Property is set | Event is Selected )

Action Target
Value 1 (Position) | Multiple by | 1.2 

Function: Transform

sorry, failed to mention I have cubase 9.5 artist.
I just read something about the Midi Transformer. Can that do the trick?


MIDI Insert Transformer is actually the Logical Editor, which process the data in real time. Therefore you cannot change the position of the MIDI data.