Proposal for resetting Pre-Gain (Normalisation)


I think it would be good if there was a simple way of removing/resetting Pre-Gain for “All Clips” and for “All selected clips” in an Audio Montage, e.g. menu option in Clip tab for “Reset Pre-Gain in all Clips” and “Reset Pre-Gain in selected Clips”.

This is useful when you want to remove result and try other settings/levels of normalisation after you may have done other adjustments and cannot use Undo in History.

As I understand it the only way to do it now is to change the values manually!?


Good idea

Hi PG!

I would like to add another proposal to my previous proposal for resetting Pre-Gain/normalisation values for Clips.

I think it would be nice if there also was an option in the Normalisation window for “Reset Clip Pre-Gain values prio to Normalisation” or similar.

That would mean that instead of having to reset the values manually it is done automatically prior to normalisation.
So when doing a re-normalisation with changed settings the new Clip Pre-Gain values are based on 0 as initial values, instead of as now based on previous Pre-Gain values.


Hi again!

A quick clarification…

What I meant above was that the information you get for each clip in the pop-up window after normalisation (and that I copy into Notes for documentation) is based on clean re-normalisation rather than new normalisation based on previlous values.


Yes, good idea

That would be very useful IMHO

Also, I would LOVE to see an easy way to manipulate the pregain of all or all selected clips in the clips tab.

So as an example, increase all clips/all selected clips by + 4dB with the option of absolute or relative values
That is, either set to the entered value or the existing value adjusted by that amount