Proposal: List of "Files to be created" when rendering Regions/CD Tracks


When rendering files in montage using option for “All Selected Clips” (and select more than one clip) you get a list of “Files to be created” when yo click “Start Rendering”. This gives you the chance to verify location and naming before continuing.

But when selecting option for “All Regions/CD Tracks” the rendering tasks starts directly, with no way of verifying folders and names etc.

I think it would be good if it worked in the same way, so that you have this validation stage when rendering “Regions/CD Tracks” as well.
This gives you the possibility to adjust if location or naming is wrong.

Or is there a way to achieve this today in preferences?


When you render “All Regions/CD Tracks”, the Region/Marker names are used so you get a pretty clear list in the Markers Tab right?

And in the Render Ribbon Tab, you can clearly see the path in which the files will be rendered?

See attachment.

IMO this is enough.


Yes, in most cases with simple naming etc it is probably enough.

But if you, as in my case, may have naming schemes that adds subfolders and also myabe alter name, the name of the scheme might not be enough. Especially as it is quite short field today.

That’s why I think it would be good idea to be a little bit consistant and perform rendering in more or less the same way regardless of source.

It gives you an extra fallback if something is wrong.
Could even be a preference which you can switch on and off.


Some good points. I never render “As Selected Clips” because I always want me rendered files to include any time between the clip edges and the markers so the rendered WAVs and mp3s truly represent each track, I must say that I haven’t seen the preview window you mention for rendering selected clips.

Nice idea