Protected Object Server (32 bit)

Protected Object Server (32 bit) what is it? and why is it running as a sub process? while I launch cubase 11?


Protected Object Server (32 bit) is need for the communication with the eLCC.

Why a 32bit module shouldn’t every Cubase 11 related component be 64bit?

Why should it? There are a lot of 32bit components running unter windows 10 64bit even whithout cubase. It simply does not matter.

The elicencer program is a 32bit application but doesn’t need much memory and resources. So just ignore it.

I am just surprised, Cubase has tried to move away from 32 bit components including plug-ins why are they still using a 32 bit version e-license module. I know 32 bit and 64 bit applications can communicate via Shared memory , RPC or COM but I don’t understand as to why the code has not been converted to 64bit ? While everything else in cubase is 64bit?

Agreed…And Not only that…it’s crashing both Cubase and Ableton Live (for me). It’s a serious bummer…don’t know why that’s happening…really frustrating…


same issue, while try to render a track. It stops by zero, no crash-dump was created.

- Protected Object Server (32 Bit) occoured with the cubase process.

Have you tried updating the eLicenser Control Center or just running it to do synchronization and maintenance?