Proteus X2 or Proteus VX - anyone succeeded with it?

Hi guts - ye, ye, ye - I know that is an very old app. but I like its banks very much. I used it with no problems (had to use Windows XP compatibility mode, though) with Sonar and Jeskola Buzz - both 32 and 64 versions. Recently I bought Proteus X2 for its .gig banks converter, cleaned my system up, have installed Cubase 6 and 7 Elements both 32 and 64 bits and BANG! after changing instrument eg. one strings to another (both in the same bank) if i try to save my Cubase projest I got Proteus windows which freezes Cubase asking whether save or not to save bank because: “contents of the sampler’s memory have changed”. Of cource I cannot do anything but kill the Cubase process from task manager. I know this is an old stuff but why freeware program (Jeskola Buzz) with freeware vst bridge which is Polac.vst or Sonar don’t have problem while saving files and flagship of Steinberg - who is creator of vst - drowns from an E-MU product? Proteus VX is free so you can download it, test it and use it if you like. Any clues? Cheers. And sorry for my bad english.

Guess that this is the one you are talking about (see attachment) ?

I get it each time I save my project after tweaking something in one of the preset in the bank currently loaded. it works here as expected : If I choose ‘Yes’ the tweak is saved, if I choose ‘No’, the tweak isn’t. And no freezing of any kind…

What I don’t get is your ‘Of course, I cannot do anything’ statement, which more or less implies that Proteus is not able to save your work on the bank you are using. If it’s the case, have you tried to save your edits in another new bank ? Maybe the bank that you are using is locked for a reason (Access rights with a non administrator account ? Content protection ?).

Another question : can you save the editing made in your Proteus X2 bank with Sonar ?