Protools Dock/ Scrub wheel. Any cool ideas????

We have an S3 and a Protools Dock, on our 2 systems. Loving them to bits. But one thing I haven’t been able to programme is…
Using the wheel to move the position of the play head on the timeline, without scrubbing audio.

Trying to simulate dragging the mouse in the timeline basically. Scrolling without Audio.
Any other cool, programming ideas that people have come up with all appreciated.

That is no problem in fact. It’s called “playhead position” or sth like that in eucon config menu, I am not in the studio before wednesday, but then I could check that for you.

Give that a try in the morning. Thanks

No cantsee anything like that, under Eucon/Transport. Or anywhere else. Not even in Nuendo shortcuts.

If it’s anything like the MC Control there should be a command to switch the wheel between jog and shuttle functions which you can assign to a button.

Just like that. But no option for play head position. Not a game breaker though, but the random, for no reason crashes, are annoying.

As I said its no problem at all…

I just checked the command:
In Eucon softkey menu select a button on dock where you want to assign this mode (I chose the “move sel” button in right edit keys) and add the following command: wheel/jog (the lower artist symbol)/left edit/ jog Position

Sweet. We will give it a crack in the morning.

Confirmed. It works, thanks. Do you have an s3 installed as well. Do youget random crashes.??? Everything is the latest software, can not work it out. Was all good, when we had the Artist control. This is happening on 2 indentical machines.

yes, quite unstable since the dock arrived. 1,5 years with only a S3 no stability problems at all, since the dock is connected it crashes from time to time.

Have not tried it without Dock. We have made a bat file to stop and restart the Eucon process. This can be done whilst Nuendo is open.
But shouldn’t have to this really. Hopefully it will be fixed sooooooooooooon

The MC Transport is unfortunately a rather safe bet to crash my Nuendo. It’s been like that for years. I use a 100 Euros Contour shuttle pro2 that is sitting next to the MC Transport on my desk.
So it seems they haven’t figured out the problems for the new hardware and abandon the old hardware without ever getting it right. Avid.