Avid are moving towards more integration between their DAW and their score editor. We really need Steinberg to get ahead here. Most modern composers are mocking up in the DAW and it can be a real time consuming chore to get that properly across to the score editor. What AVID have done sounds great - but Steinberg can do better

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Yes, this has been mentioned here several times and on other site like Scoring Notes. Also other apps like Studio One and Presonus.
The team are well aware that this is useful for some users, and they plan to include some sort of integration with DAWs.

Interestingly, Finale has had copy/paste MIDI to the clipboard for years, but almost no other app did the same.


Is it possible to copy-paste from Sibleius into Dorico? Does it use MIDI or musicXml for the paste?

For notation purposes, XML is better (especially using the Dolet XML plug-in rather than Sibelius’s native export function), but XML will still likely require some clean-up on arrival in Dorico.

There are also Preferences that can set how Dorico interprets XML on import.

The new feature in Sibelius and ProTools is copy-paste of MIDI data. Dorico doesn’t yet do copy-paste of MIDI data on the clipboard, but it can receive dragged MIDI data from an app that can initiate a drag, like Cubase. (Drags are actually a form of Pasteboard action, on the Mac, at any rate.)

I agree with Derek that from notation-to-notation, you’ll want to use XML.