Protools project

Hi Cubase geniuses!

I have a PT drum session that I need to open and work on in Cubase 8 (on mac with Apollo Twin). I don’t have access to an .OMF file and looking in the audio file it’s made up of chunks rather than whole tracks from zero. I’m not in a position to contact them and beg for an omf or to re-bounce in a friendlier format.

I was wondering what the least headachy way is to get started? Should I grab a copy of PT LE? Or is there some sort of free conversion software?


It depends on the version of PT they used. For older session files I think there is the famous AATranslator but it would be easier to just ask them for an OMF.
On the PT side you might want to check rental options to open and export.
How large is the thing?
I could open and convert it for you if it’s only a small session and we could use Wetransfer or something like that.

You can use a ProTools demo too.