Proud Cubase 6 owner and Steinberg/yamaha

I just want to express my joy for the new upcoming releases from steinberg/yamaha. The vintage plugins, Halion 4, cubase 6.1 in may/june. The 400 dollar plugin I cant remember the name of. I truly think cubase is taking market share from logic in time. Yamaha have really helped making Steinberg “pro”. I few tweeks left to do. Nuendo is growing more and more popular too. Think of using a iMac i5 or i7 or mac Pro. with cubase 6 nuendo 5 (soon 6). The new pro plugins, MR audiocard, CC121, Halion 4! and mix it with uad card or UAD firewire (later thunderbolt). Or use a pro PC. Just fix the windows become minimized in pc systems and always on top och EVERY imortant window; Pool, Hadware window, It should be easy to have to windows nex to each other without “screenshoots” (dont remember the name).
But all in all. Steinberg/yamaha is getting Pro and I love. I was near changing to logic around cubase 4 era. I vill never leave this company. haha!

I think Steinberg are really trying to become a pro company, and Yamaha has deffo helped, but until they have a proper PUBLIC bugbase system, where every bug is logged and users can check if the bugs they have reported have been addressed, I’m afraid Logic will always win. Steiny just keep missing bugs, release after release.

The new Lane behaviour is a classic example of not understanding the way users use their software. Steiny need to engage more with their users and consult with them before making big changes like this. The same with transparent events. They have fixed things which weren’t broken.

They are certainly moving very slowly in the right direction. 5.5.3 is the most stable release they have produced so far… Just wish they’d ditch the dongle…

I fully agree. Some features and design seems to be made without knowing how the average user is working. But then I’m assuming that the posters on the forum represent a good mix of Cubase users… But discussing new features on a forum will also give away information to the competitors, so that could be a reason why this is not done.

I doubt it. Take a look at the reaper forums:
All feature requests and bugs are tracked publicly. The “issue tracker” lets you know instantly what’s going on.
It doesn’t seem to do them any harm and the open dialogue between users and developers gives a much richer product!!

Instead, steiny try block its users out, whilst trying to make cubase into “garage band”.

edit: I have had to spell the forum URL the way I did, cos the SB forum will replace all instanced of "c o c k o s " with the word “rock” ----- Very odd

True. Being a software developer myself I know the importance of basing the design decisions on customer needs instead of what me and my dev group think is correct. That’s probably the reason I still got work :laughing:

Just need to try it… cock, cockos, cockroach, cockor.

Should spell out c**k, c o c k o s, c o c k r o a c h, c o c k o r.

Yesterday I was the one dreaming up conspiracy theories but today my good sir it’s you!

yes, i agree it’s becoming a great product line. Did you mentinon Yamaha MoX?
I’m however more interested in getting more native(even on laptop) than using the bulky UAD type peripherals.

I kind of like the uad system. It make mee feel semi analog somehow. UAD release uad with firewire connection. Lightpeak or thunderbolt will be standard in upcoming imac. Uad will support it later but meanwhile there will be a thunderbolt to firewire adapter. The good thing is that one thunderbolt connection can power a firewire audio card and for example uad firewire.
I also think steinberg has become more open to the public. They will probalby never be c.o.c.k.o.s (DAMN. they really censur that word) but neither is apple nor avid.