Proxima 94

My first time posting a song in which I “sing”. In the first verse, I doubled my voice with a “vocoded” track. Curious about your thoughts on that. The “clean” voice is panned a little left and the vocoded voice is panned a little right, if you want to try to separate them a little. Comments are welcome!

Proxima 94


Very nice track, very relaxing!
The vocal effect is interesting, but I think I prefer your voice without it. It sounds a bit like you put a clamp on your nose :wink:

really good song…like the sort of eastern flavour but i think if the voice was more clear it would be better for the track…Kevin

Thanks for listening! I wanted to experiment with the vocoder backing voice but I agree that it just “gets in the way”.
I got the idea from the Rush song, “Twilight Zone” where they back the verse with a whispering vocal. It sounds great there but, then again, they are experts…

I liked the song a lot. Wish we could hear you sing a little louder without the vocoder. Sounds like you hired Stephen Hawking.

Really like the sounds and and stereo field, the hi hat pattern is really cool to. Very simple and complicated at same time. I like the the Vocoder part, but maybe move it in and out of mix and raise original vocal part in volume. Very Rodger Waters sounding. Thanks for sharing

I took out the vocoder track and raised the vocals about 2 db. Maybe I just don’t like hearing myself sing? :open_mouth: How does the vocal level sound now? Thanks for listening!

Proxima 94

BTW, the second verse is distorted and EQ’d to sound like a radio transmission on purpose.

Sounds better…your voice is fine for this track, John Lennon hated the sound of his voice so your in good company…Kevin

Yes, voice sounds better. Sounds like you would like David Sylvian to sing it.

Yep, I like it :slight_smile:

+1 and maybe +2db more lol