psalm notation special notes

Has anyone an idea how I can write those whole notes with vertical lines at both sides which are used for a whole bunch of words in psalm notation. The lyrics should start with the note, not centered under the note. Can’t find anything like that.:worried:

For starters, take a look at Daniel’s demonstration of these and other relevant techniques at

Much of my work involves psalm verses under reciting notes, and Dorico is the best application in which to create them.

Thanks a lot, musicus. Greta help. What would make me even happier is to get a round notepad with vertical lines at both sides, not a double whole note.

Is this what you need? In Engraving options (noteheads):

Yes. Nearly perfect. I know these notes just with one vertical line at each side, not with two.

Such glyphs do exist in Bravura, as you can see under the Recommended stylistic alternates section on this page, but they are currently difficult to use. However, if you really want to use it, you can copy and paste that into the notehead designer, adding the notehead as text rather than a glyph, using the font style.

Thanks a lot, musicus and Daniel. Dorico is always a great pleasure for me!! That sounds a bit complicated. I’ll try it tomorrow morning with a fresh mind.

I hope this will eventually become a native option too. I’ve been using the double whole, but it still appears odd to my eyes.