PSP Triple meter problem with Nuendo 12

I installed PSP Audio Triple Meter VST3 this morning into c:\program files\common\vst3. - i.e default. Nuendo 12 seems not to be scanning and picking up on the plugin - but it has def installed in the directory. I installed some Blue Cat meters also this morning with no problem. Also authorised the PSP meter in reg edit.

Anyone have any ideas. Is there any cache that can be cleared that might affect whether the plug in gets scanned or not. Will check it with Dorico 5 as well.
Many thanks

Default installation of Nuendo?
Did you initialize a scan from the plugin manager?

Only VST2 plugins get scanned when something changed in the corresponding folders.

Yes tried both of those but no joy I am afraid

Aha - looks like the PSP Triple meter may still be VST 2.0 despite it being 64 bit. Kind of suprising.