PSR-E463 + Steinberg USB ASIO in FL Studio.. Keyboard audio only?

I have a PSR-E463 keyboard hooked up via USB for use in FL Studio.
If I use the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver, the audio seems to only output back through the keyboard’s speakers… I get nothing from my PC.
This seems odd… is there no way to have PC audio output enabled using this driver?
Of course I can use another ASIO driver… but that intruduces a lot of latency… the Steinberg driver is FAR superior

The keyboard is effectively the sound card so no you can’t get sound from your pc. If you used an audio interface it would be the same in that the audio interface would output the sound and not the pc. The pc has its own internal audio interface which has a driver. This interface and the keyboard are not connected.

It’s not odd. This is how audio interfaces have always worked. Maybe a bit confusing but not odd.