PSYSCOPE free Oscilloscope multi ins how?

Psyscope looks to be an amazing 4 channel free scope. With Cubase to use the other inputs of Psyscope, we need to create a multichannel Output Bus or Group (but not have the Bus/Group route anywhere), in Studio/Audio Connections, using 6.0 Music or Cine, we then have to add “Child Busses” to that Output/Group by right clicking Output/Group in Audio Connections. We can now see these Child Groups as send option when activating a send on a channel.

I’ve tried all the various combinations of the different channels activated as available and the various other multichannels we can make, such as Quadro, 5.1 etc etc… but, I can only get 3 inputs of Psyscope. 1 of Psycopes inputs will remain flat regardless of any send selected, I’ve tried them all.

As this is VST, it seems silly for Steinberg to have not implemented a more open way of accessing these inputs of a VST in Cubase, when it’s available in the code of a VST in the first place. Regardless of us not using surround sound.

Can anyone expand further on this?
Thank you

VST3 side chain, comes to mind.
There is a paid pro version that makes it easier to use PSYSCOPE.

I’ve just downloaded the demo, price seems good. Only other decent multi scope is Oszillos Mega Scope but that’s a little too pricey. I do like how Oszillos can show you the actual note of cycle duration in the little info boxes we get when moving around the waveform, a rare handy feature. It’s a hard sell at more than 3 times the price of Psyscope.

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“actual note of cycle” I’ve just accidently discovered that holding alt and clicking in Psyscope brings up a bigger dialogue of info. I love those moments. This really is a greatscope, well worth the price