Public beta for Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for macOS

Hello everyone,

The public beta Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for macOS has been updated to V4.0.1b and adds support for the following devices:

  • AXR4U
  • UR12
  • UR22
  • UR22mkII

Please find the download and the additional details in the announcement topic.

If you have any feedback, please let us know!

Hi Ed - just installed the beta driver for my AXR4U on an M1 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.3.1. Install went well with activation and restart. DSPMixFX is working and controlling the AXR4U. Working in Cubase 12 with no issues so far to note.

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Why is UR28M not listed / supported?


It hasn’t been tested yet. The driver should work as well but this is even more unsupported than for the supported devices :wink:

Thank you for the feedback, @BlueJava
Much appreciated!

Should I installer the version 3.1.4 Usb driver before installing the 4.01 beta to test?


Hi Dave, no, you can install the beta driver right away.

Ok thanks.


I use 4.0.2b with Sonoma 14.0 for the UR22 without problems on an M1 Macbook Air.
Uninstalled the previous driver, installed the beta driver - then upgraded to Sonoma.

Will this driver expand to support Yamaha products like the DM3 and other mixing consoles?