Pulling Samples out of the Media Sidebar into Padshop and other VST's

Hi there,

It seems it is impossible to drag&drop some if not all of my samples that I have in my searchlist inside the Media-Bar into a VST plugin that would process it. For example, I would like to make a quick granular pad out of a WAV file that I have in the results. I experience this difficulty especially with Steinberg’s factory materials. Since I cannot even pinpoint the path and location of these files, it is impossible for me to process these samples without re-recording/rendering them out into a separate file.

Does anyone have an alternative workaround for this?

Asking for a friend :wink:


I think this is possible with Pad Shop Pro. Please check the manual. Sorry I have no time to varifie.

I tried this with Padshop Pro today and it didn‘t do anything. Same with Battery. Could this be a glitch?

It works for Groove Agent

It works for half my plugins and doesn’t work for the other half.

For Serum, If I want to import a ‘noise’ file from anywhere in Cubase, I can drag and drop (this includes dragging and dropping audio from the main timeline/project window too). Groove Agent also works fine.

But… for plugins such as Harmor, if I want to drag and drop audio, I will have to drag and drop from an actual Windows Explorer window.

My workarounds: If I want to drag and drop from the media bay panel, I’ll just have to right click the audio, select “show in explorer”, and drag/drop. The tricky part is that Harmor and other plugins disappear when I click outside of Cubase… but if you do it really really fast, then it will re-appear right away… If I want to drag/drop audio from the project window, I’ve made a Macro that does “Audio - Find Selected In Pool” and then “Media - Show In Explorer”. Then I’ll drag/drop from that Windows Explorer window, the same as the other way… only issue there is that I have to close the pool window after that… because there’s no key command to close the pool window. :frowning:

Sometimes I can never tell which plugins are going to support drag/drop from inside Cubase and which ones won’t.

I remember for the disappearing plugins problem you can drag the file to the windows taskbar and hover over the Cubase task. The Cubase windows will show with the plugin open. So then you can drag onto it.

That’s what I do most of the time. I work on Mac OS, so the equivalent is “show in finder”. However, some of the content I am trying to import is part of the Steinberg audio packages that comes with Cubase. Right-clicking it doesn’t give me the option to reveal it in the finder. The only thing I can do is pull it into the timeline and then render it out into a new WAV file - then import it again.

Oh yeah haha, I forgot about that! I actually do the same thing when I want to use factory content… so annoying! I guess I just don’t use the factory content enough for it to drive me TOO crazy, at least… I think when I’m grabbing factory content I’m usually dragging it to one of the plugins that DOES support the drag/drop from in Cubase

… but it definitely is annoying… I imagine it’s super super annoying if you use factory content all the time.

It seems like it works only if you drag the audio from the window straight to Cubase. But if you click away from cubase and click on anything that’s not the file you want to drag and then try to drag it, the plugins won’t show up when you hover over. So you can’t open the plugin, and then navigate around in the window or even accidentally click… you have to navigate to the folder ahead of time and make sure you only click the file you want to drag.

I guess after a long, long time of doing that for some reason I conflated that with having to do it super fast lol