Pulsating Midi Out

Midi out is pulsating in the Cubase 6 transport. I tried disabling all midi in devices but that doesn’t seem to stop the problem (or help me identify the cause). It’s causing AC-7 core on my ipad to go crazy. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

Further to my previous post I was able to identify the problem but I’m not sure how to solve it. My mixer has an insert for mic 1 that connects through a patchbay to channel 5 of my echo laya 3g. When this is an active monitored audio channel in Cubase 6, it sends pulsating midi out. When I remove the channel, the pulsating midi out stops. What I don’t understand is why an audio channel is affecting midi?

Do you have any information that can help identify the cause?

E.g. how often does it “pulsate”, and is there any correlation between it and tempo changes, etc…

I have a mic insert on my mixer running through my sound card and mapped to an audio channel in Cubase. Whenever I turn on the monitor in Cubase for that channel, the midi out starts bouncing up and down.

What midi devices are connected?