Pulsing dynamics

Referring to this MS, is it possible in any way to make dynamics like this in Dorico?

Using the same concept I used to use in Lilypond, making the open aperture zero I can get single ended ones. But how about the double ended ones?

Use the same trick with adjacent hairpins (><)?

I can’t see how to do that.

You can check Flared End and adjust the hairpin open/closed aperture to a very small value.

Also, you might want to set Engraving Options > Dynamics > Gradual Dynamics > Advanced Options > Gap between adjacent hairpins to 0.

Not great success yet. I get this effect, the end appearing as a barb: and the spacing too close, when I set it to zero, yet the first one here has some air.

You have to set the aperture value to a very low value, like 1/32 or even 1/64, probably because of an internal miter limit.

As for the spacing, perhaps you can manually adjust the Start offset X?

That is 1/32. Same with 1/64, and 0.

When I look closely at your screenshot, I can see the stroke width is changing ever so slightly. Did you set both open and closed to that value?