Punch-in cycle mode

The feature in Cubase 8.5 that allows for separate punch in and punch out locations is useful in that the locators do not have to be moved each time I need to punch in. However they do have to be moved for cycle mode. It would be great if there was a way to quickly restore the locators back to their common positions at the beginning and ending of the song.

Are there any shortcuts that you guys are using for this purpose?

I’m not getting this part.
You can create all kinds of nifty keyboard shortcuts by utilizing the Project Logical Editor and/or macros. Do you need a way to move the left and right locators to the start and end of your project?

Thanks for responding. I know how to change the locators to any position. There are several ways, but I was hoping that a quick button could immediately place them at the beginning and ending of the song.
I have not used the Project Logical Editor or created any macros yet. I would be willing to learn if it could save some time when switching from punch-in/out cycle mode to the beginning and ending of a song. I think the marker track could be set to cycle from the start to end. I will look into that today.
Another way when I have a track that covers the full length of the song this would work:
“Select a range or an event and select Transport > Locators > Set Locators to Selection Range.”
Four clicks, but could get faster over time.

Maybe you could have a look into the function calls of the Macro “Export Audio Mixdown Whole Song”. It comes with Cubase. The first two function calls place locators to beginning and end of song.

So just make a macro from that and assign it to any key shortcut or a connected controller button.

Thanks for the suggestion. What I learned is that I can have more than one cycle loop on the marker track. After setting the Locators where I wanted them, I clicked the TT+ cycle icon on the marker track and markers were automatically set at the Locators.
Now if I move the Locators for any reason, I click on the cycle button and choose the correct loop I need. That is a feature I wanted since Cubase VST5.1.

you better create a cycle marker for the whole song, I have it in every project. Just click on it and voilá.

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