Punch In: How to get it to work

Specific instructions please for this most basic of functions, its so basic that I can’t get it working :slight_smile:
I did have it working with CB 5, years ago but for the life of me I can’t get it working in 8.5
I’ve searched online and in the manual but see nothing (1385 pages in the manual but search for ‘auto punch’ receives 0 hits
Cubase 8.5: 20 Hot New Features - 6. New Punch InOut - YouTube from 1:27 you will notice here it doesnt punch in but starts recording straight away, didn’t the maker of the video actually rewatch their video?


In the video he hits record, if you don’t need to record straight away, just hit play instead.
If punch points are set and the track is record armed, it will star recording when it reaches the punch in point.

Arm the track you want to record onto.
Press “i” (toggles punch in on and off)
Look for the red triangle in the ruler.
Move it to your required punch in point, it snaps to your quantise setting.
Play from a couple of bars before that point and punch in will happen.

nb. “o” toggles punch out in the same way, you can use them together to record a short section.

OK thanks the ‘press play’ to record was throwing me I was googling, checking help, looking for something in preferences to see what was up, and all I needed to do was press play instead of record to actually record