Punch in/out Cubase 11 not working

Ok. I really like some of the features in cubase 11, but dang it seems buggy as heck. It is making me want to return the software (which probably isn’t possible). They need to spend more time testing.

With punch in/out enabled and the lock for locking punch points to locators turned off, the locator section doesn’t play for the entire section that is within the locators for measures outside of the punch in/out area. In other words, I have 4 measures within the locators, and the last measure of those 4 measures is marked for punch in/out. When playing back to punch in the last measure, only a small part of the preceding 3 measures audibly plays. How frustrating is that. It’s helpful to hear the entire section in the locators that precede my punch in measure.

Even worse, when using midi replace mode and punch in/out, the entire locator section gets replaced, rather than just the punch in/out measures. That totally defeats the purpose of punch in/out! What gives? In case you wondered, the “Record in Editor” feature disabled (default setting). I don’t even understand what that is for, but per the manual as long as that is disabled, the midi record modes and punch-in settings should work as advertised, assuming you have the midi record mode set to replace.

Also, when selecting midi sections in the track view, sometimes the delete button doesn’t delete a selected section. I have to select it and try like 3 or 4 times till it actually deletes.

Has anyone else noticed these issues?

It’s hard to understand you have to post a picture or something

Problem solved. Turns out I was trying to punch-in less than 1 measure. I was using a slow tempo and was wrongly thinking the 16th note segments were really quarter notes. I selected the punch in area as the last four 16th notes of the measure (last quarter beat). The lesson learned is that I can’t punch in on anything less than a full measure. What confused me is the interface allowed me to draw a punch area less than a measure. Maybe there is a way to punch a partial measure, but I’m not sure how. I’ll check the manual for that.