Punch In/Out Pedal ?

I’ve searched and not seen any simple reliable solution that has been reported as working.

What is the preferred solution to triggering CB7 record/ playback/ stop functions with one’s hoof,
e.g. hands free (so keyswitch control in not an option) ?

I’ve seen use of the sustain pedal and programming CB to respond to a sustain CC# as if it was a
transport function and I think it can be set in CB to toggle. But that negates ability to use the sustain pedal input on my keyboard for the sustain function at the same time. Ditto if you use the expression pedal input to
your keyboard.

How about a $10 USB foot pedal off Ebay ? I think they can be set to generate a PC keyboard key command
like the spacebar key to toggle start/stop of a record function in CB.

Could anybody tell me for sure what they are actually USING and that it definitely works ?

Thanks for any help.


I use Logidy UMI3. It has three switches, and is a USB midi device, so you can use it as a generic remote. Very sturdy, well made.

Before buying it I was checking out the same stuff you’re talking about, I opted to spend more and not worry.

Thanks for sharing that link, Steve. I might have to get one of those. The price seems fairly reasonable to me. Expression pedal input, too. Nice. :sunglasses:

Cool. And I’m telling you, it’s built like a tank.

GREAT ! SOLD ! Thanks to all for your valuable input.


How about this:


It is a 3 footswitch unit where each switch can be assigned to simulate a different key of a PC keyboard and costs $25, about $50 cheaper than the Logidy. You would just assign each foot switch to the “Record”, “Stop” and “Rewind” keys that command those functions for the Cubase transport (or any other keystroke you desire). It might even allow for triggering a macro, e.g. a sequence of keystrokes, by depressing one of the footswitches, but not sure.

It obviously is different from the Logidy which is programmed to send Midi CC numbers, whereas this thing sends and simulates PC Keyboard keystrokes. I guess a plus to this is there is no chance it could screw up any Midi functionality (and for that matter could be used for non Midi programs as well).

I like the idea it appears to be reasonably built and is $50 cheaper.

Does anyone see a downside to this approach of simulating PC keyboard keystrokes instead of Midi CC numbers ?


In my experience you get what you pay for. Could work great. Let us know about how it does.

The disadvantage would be that you can only send keystrokes. The midi pedal wouldn’t screw up any midi functions at all if it’s set up correctly.

Thanks Steve for your insight and counsel.
Actually I have not yet made my mind up. And your comment about ‘you get what you pay for’ is
duly noted and actually has been one of my concerns in screwing up my new PC. The ‘keystroke emulator’
footswitch indeed hails from Hong Kong/China and I’m concerned that the CD/Driver could do some
damage. I might get one anyway and try it out first on a guinea pig older PC although that’s not even
a bullet proof guarantee of no problems, especially if I can’t uninstall gracefully if I encounter a problem.
The fact that it doesn’t support midi messages is of little/no
concern to me because I can’t really think of anything I need to do other than stop/start the
Cubase transport hands free. And I might find some other non-midi applications where keystroke
emulation could come in handy, like my exercises transcribing music with slow down software like
Song Surgeon, Slo-Downer, etc.
I’ll stew over it a few more days and decide (birthday is 6 days away).
Anyway its nice to know of a real person with the Logidy and that it works. Thanks again for your input.


Another thing I don’t think I mentioned: a midi device can be configured so it talks only to a specific track or Generic Remote. A USB keyboard device would be always global.

Makes sense. At that price you really can’t lose.

Here’s some more food for thought :wink: . Don’t know if you like to tweak and customize command settings, but I do. On Mac I use the macro app Keyboard Maestro. (On Windows you have Autohotkey, which is open source and free last I checked)

These apps can send and receive midi, so I have used it to program keyboard and pedal shortcut macros that are not available in Cubase.

For instance I have one switch on the Logidy that suspends snap, without the hassle of any key modifier needed.

theres a couple devices ive tried that work great…ipad with iconnect midi and lemur or similar(costly)
ive also used my behringer fcb-1010 ($200 but does lots more). i genearlly use my tascam fw-1884 tho which has tranport plus lots of other controls. most reasonably priced midi controller keyboards have assignable buttons/switches/sliders also. its kind of like asking “which soundcard should i use?” theres hundreds that all have different features at different prices from apogee to soundblaster.

I’ll just say here that this product does work well, keystrokes only - as mentioned. I know of a vocalist who uses it during gigs with PowerPoint to scroll forwards/backwards through the lyrics on a mini PC. Autocue with no probs at all!


I use a Berhinger BCF2000. I put a simple cheapo keyboard sustain pedal plugged into the back of it.

+1 for the Logidy UMI3, great little gadget and well worth the money. Don’t forget it’s fully programmable and you get the expression pedal input as well … but you can plug any potentiometer into it and use it as an assignable continuous controller.

If you have a DIY tendency and want to go really cheap, get a USB numeric pad and wire a footswitch into it. I use one as a (wired) remote control and it’s really handy with Cubase because of the way the numeric keypad is already set for transport control; it cost less than $10, IIRC.

At the risk of sounding all ‘ghetto’. You can probably find a ‘brain’ for an old MIDI drum kit for next to nothing and then you have at least 6-12 trigger inputs that will accept just about any sort of momentary switch you desire… sustain pedal, $5 cheap-o drum triggers.

I’ve used that sort of gizmo for years for just such a purpose:
Go To Locator 1, 2, 3, etc.
Turn lights on/off

…Just program The Generic Remote for the appropriate MIDI note/function and save as a GR XML file. Works fine.

I will add that the MIDI device is not really the thing to watch out for. I’ve had good luck with everything from a $10 Casio on up. The reliability part is actually the -switch- you depress. Some sustain pedals or switches work -much- better than others. Nothing worse than standing in front of 300 people, cuing the band, pressing that Start button and…


So reflexively, you press the button again just as the band starts. And when the sequence finally begins, you realise that you and your mates have just invented a new form of poly-meter they don’t teach in school.


… or even something like the NanoKey, rip the electronics out and wire it into a guitar footswitch … the standard type used for Marshall amps is tank-quality, and you can replace the latching switches with near-silent momentary contact footswitches – or just get the Logidy, save yourself all the work and have the same thing with 3 footswitches and a pedal input, fully programmable and ready to go; been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.