Punch in / out

Hi. I’m newish to Recording and completely new at this Recording on iPad stuff. I just bought Cubasis and a Steinberg interface. I’m mainly using it to record band rehearsals and to record solo bass tracks. I can’t figure out how to punch in and out using Cubasis? Any suggestions?

Bonus question…with Logic, I could take a drum track and convert it to MIDI. That was awesome for the kick drum track. I’m guessing Cubasis can’t do that, but does anyone know of an app that will?

Hi Lisabennettbass,

Below please find the online-help link that explains the recording modes, which includes punch in/out (same chapter is included in the in-app help of Cubasis): https://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Apps/Cubasis/Cubasis_Help/TR_Transport.html
However please note that audio recording modes such as overdub etc. might work differently in Cubasis compared to other DAW’s.

Audio to MIDI is not yet included in Cubasis, but the feature is on our list for future updates.