Punch in/Punch Out


the comparison sheet says there are no “Dedicated punch points” in Elements.

I got them, but not every time, that confuses me a lot. Most of the time I don´t have them and and I punch on the left locator.
But once in a while they appear, strange behavior, anyone knows why this is?

See here:


When it says no dedicated punch points it means they can’t be separated from the Left and right indicators (they are completely separate in Cubase Pro) but they do exist.

Are you on Elements 9 or 9.5?
For Elements I only have 9 but here the buttons for Punch in and Out are available on the lower tool bar and the dedicated Transport bar (F2). They may be hidden by default (right click and tick their listing to get them to show) or retracted (three dots in a vertical line which if clicked may reveal them… Alternatively, they can be engaged/disengaged with I and O (Punch in/Out).

In the picture below the Punch in/out buttons are the up and down facing arrows in the centre.
punch in out.PNG

I´m on 9.5.

Yes, I have those, but above in the bar there is nothing when I press those buttons. When I press play it records from there though.
I thought that in Elements are no red marker, makes sense when Locator is the same there.

But as you can see in the image, I have them from time to time, but not every time.

What I do:
I select a range, and press both buttons, punch in/out works, but no red markers. Then I do some other stuff, I don´t know yet what´s triggering it and I have the red markers as in the image in the first post.

And then I can pull them to another place as the selected range, too

Interesting…after some playing around I’ve found that you can detach the punch in points from the left and right locators in Elements 9.0 after all (contrary to what the manual says?) and indeed to get them to show up as red triangles.

  1. Activate Punch in and Out on the Transport bar.
  2. Alt-click in the top ruler and punch in/out point moves to that point and becomes visible as red triangle.

If you now move the left or right locator the punch point becomes associated with it again but stays visible as the red triangle.

Same in 9.5?

Do they appear every time?

Here it does not work that way.

I marked a range and activated it but no red arrows appear. Hmm, have to find why it is happening here.

Sounds like bug

Darn…no wait.

Alt-click on the Punch arrows on the transport bar first. That makes them show up and then you can move them.

i think this may be the important step. Yes, I’m sure it’s a bug but seems to be a useful one. :slight_smile:

Yarp, that did it!

Now we have to shut up about it :astonished: