Punch questions

I am having trouble getting ‘punch’ to work the way I want it to.
I’m using cubase 10.5 artist, Windows

I’m recording a midi part.
I activate punch in.
I play my keyboard.
I see midi data being recorded on the project window.
But when I Press stop, punch-in is deactivated, and the midi data that I just recorded is a erased.
(I don’t have punch out activated because I don’t need it. Is that the problem?)

What I’m trying to do is record a piano part in segments. Play the first 16 bars, then stop. Then play the next 16 bars, but with a two bar lead in, so I can hear the end of the previous section before I Play, etc.


To get a more nuanced picture of your issue,
Does the same happen if you record MIDI without using Punch In (just plain ol’ Record and Stop)?
Does it happen if you use Punch In together with Punch Out?

Thank you for your helpful suggestion.

Well, if I activate punch in and punch out, then it doesn’t erase the Data as before, so that’s good. But I don’t see why it should erase Data when punch out is not activated.

Without the punches activated, it’s still erases the data when I press stop.

With punch out activated, when I press stop after punching in, it deactivates punch in.

And, I don’t understand what it’s doing with the “start at left locator/punch in position” setting. It seems to be starting at the punch in position, but I want to go to the left locator position, which I set a bar before the punch in position - that measure of lead time. Is this not the right way to do it?


I guess this must be a weirder problem than I thought. I figured someone would tell me to change a preference setting or something like that.

OK, I have a theory.
What if I had the cycle function activated (without realizing it), and The right locator set at a earlier position than the left locator? Could that account for the strange behavior?

I think that might be it, but I’ll experiment some more.