Punching in/out

So here’s a question: I recorded an acoustic guitar track that’s great except in one place, where there’s a wrong note. I tried punching in and out to re-record the measure where the mistake was, but listening to the track afterwards, it was pretty clear where the punch-in had occurred – it didn’t transition smoothly at all from the existing track into the punched-in section. It sounded a little like there was an extra attack of the pick hitting the strings for that particular note or something. I tried punching in and out several times, but still couldn’t get a non-noticeable transition.

So then I recorded a second acoustic guitar track, playing the same part as in the first track, and then copyied and pasted the measure from the second track into the first, to see if I could get a cleaner sounding transition into the pasted-in section. Unfortunately, the results weren’t any better doing it this way.

Is there anything else I could do to so that the transition into the corrected passage isn’t noticeable?

Well of course the new part has to be played with the same setup and way that the first part was done.

Then drag the part boundaries back and forward for a good fit then use little Xfades at the joins.