Purchase receipt for cross grade purchases

To qualify for cross grade purchases of other notation softwares, Dorico,s purchase receipt copy is required, since I am unable to locate my purchase receipt, where can I download a copy of my Dorico 3.5 purchase. I couldn’t find any page/link on Steinberg site for that. Can the forum guide me in this?

If you can’t find the emailed receipt, surely a screenshot of your my.steinberg.net account would do?

Thanks for the reply Romanos, actually I am not sure if screenshot would be adequate as they are asking for copy of original purchase receipt.

Hrm…. I’ve definitely provided such a screenshot in the paste but I suppose it depends on the company. You could always ask tech support to see what they say.

Fwiw-I keep a “receipts” folder in my email for just such occasions as these.

Good luck! (I also couldn’t see a way to view a prior invoice in my.steinberg.)

The Steinberg online shop is run by Nexway AG (formerly known as asknet AG) - it’s a separate entity to Steinberg and as things stand it’s an entirely separate system from MySteinberg.

You could try emailing customerservice [at] asknet.com from whichever email address you purchased with, explaining that you need a replacement invoice.

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Based on your earlier reponse I have already mailed the sellers if a screenshot of the dorico account would suffice for me to be eligible for cross grade prices. Thanks for the suggestion Ramonos.

Thanks for the response Pianoleo, I shall try with asknet.com.

Hi Romanos, it worked, sending a screenshot of my dorico account showing products registered was accepted for cross grade prices. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

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