Purchase very confusing

I’m keen to buy a Dorico product as becoming disenchanted with Sibelius,( especially with a good discount), but I find the process unbelievably confusing. I had supposedly a trial some months ago which never happened, so I can log in to my account but at the moment I seem to be stuck in limbo.

If you tell us a bit more about the screen you’re seeing and what you’ve tried, we can help more readily.

Welcome to the forum, @user269. If you’ve got an existing license for any version of the full, professional-level Sibelius product – that’s the one currently called Sibelius Ultimate since version 2019.4, but previously just called Sibelius – then you can buy a crossgrade, which saves 40% off the normal price – and until 13 December you can save a further 30% if you also use the coupon code CYBERWEEKS21 when prompted at the checkout page.

The product you want to buy is this one. When you proceed through the checkout process, before you provide any payment information, you will be prompted to provide proof of eligibility for the crossgrade. You should prepare this in advance: take a screenshot of your unique Sibelius serial number (e.g. from the About Sibelius dialog) and be ready to upload this when prompted.

You’ll then receive an automated email from our e-commerce provider, AskNet, after our team have verified your eligibility, and you’ll be able to complete your purchase.

If you need any further help, just let us know.