Purchased by mistake

I emailed support on Saturday 29th regarding software I purchased in error - no response and now the ticket link goes to a 404!

Here’s my problem, I purchased and downloaded Halion Sonic Orchestra VST in the New Year Deals offer and thought I may as well purchase another item - which was full price. I ordered Ancient Duduk Phrases by mistake instead of Ethnic Vocal Phrases. I installed both products and got them on my licencer before realising my mistake on the Duduk Phrases.

After reading your conditions regarding software downloads/licences that can not be revoked after being activated and the lack of response from support - I feel stuck with this product that I don’t want. Your licence system will not allow me to play software that is not activated so really my rights as a consumer should not be affected if I want to swap it over for the package I actually wanted?

Please give me some positive help on this?

All sorted - many thanks to Fabian Dombrowski :slight_smile: