Purchased CB 11 Artist- uninstall Pro trial?

Are there presets, or. dll files, anything in the Pro folder that is being used or needed for Artist? Because Cubase spreads it files every where its tough to tell.
I’m concerned the progress I’ve made in setting up a project will be wiped out.
On a side note, why does the audio setup only have inputs and outputs, no option for external instruments? How do I get all the audio options to show again?

Each installation is fully self contained.

Artist does not include External Instruments.

Thanks for your reply Steve. So I assume the preferences, window layout I set-up in CB 11 Artist is safe.
Not having external instruments and fx is significant given the projects I already have. Any suggestions to help when opening existing compositions?

Thanks again

Regarding what? Or are you looking for a way to use your external devices?

Is there a way to open an older project with external instruments in CB Artist pro, where the audio channels for the external instruments are set-up and ready to record?

I must not be understanding your question. The feature is not present in Cubase Artist, which is what you said you owned. There is no such thing as Cubase Artist pro.

The word “Pro” was a mistake. I was asking if there was a way CB Artist could automatically assign external instruments to audio tracks.

Well, no… Cubase Artist doesn’t have that feature. You’d have to set up the audio and midi routing yourself.