Purchased Cubase 11 Artist, but it was not added to my products

Ok, so I purchased the Cubase Artist software after adding it to my cart, I arrived at the payment screen and the money was deducted from my bank account. Once transaction was processed I was redirected back towards the Steinberg page where it should show DONE, but what happen instead is the Steinberg page froze. I could not click on anything. When I checked my products, Cubase Artist was not added. So now I am sitting with a situation of the money having being already deducted but I am without Cubase Artist.

Any advice on how to rectify this situation?


Contact Steinberg Support.

Did you get confirmation by e-mail and a receipt? If so, I would include the transaction number when you contact them - it should speed things up.

That’s the thing, I got no e-mail confirmation or anything. As if the system never processed the payment. I can send proof of payment if needed.

Search your e-mail, including your spam folder, for asknet.com.
That’s the company that handles the actual transaction for Steinberg

The transaction was done with nexwayshops. Thats the debit that was done on my account. Their website shows they do transactions for Steinberg (I have attached the image)

I checked the spam folders, no confirmation email there either.

I assume you’re not in the US then.
So just contact support and they’ll have to help you out. Good luck.

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Not Steinberg Support. Nexway support. @lesrou1983, note that this is a user forum, and you have been talking to Cubase users, not Steinberg staff.

The Steinberg online shop, for wherever a person is located, is run by Nexway, (aka asknet, they had a name change).

Support is here