Purchased the Halion 7 Update - then saw Absolute updated to 6

Hi, so I saw that Halion 7 came out and I rushed to purchase the upgrade from Halion 6. This morning I got the notification that Absolute is now up to version 6 for the same upgrade price as Halion. Is there any reason to purchase the Absolute 6 upgrade in addition to Halion 7? I don’t see a clear cut difference.

The Absolute 5 to Absolute 6 update is the same price as updating a standalone HALion 6 licence to HALion 7. This is no surprise, as Absolute 6 is Absolute 5 plus HALion 7.

Crossgrading from HALion to Absolute is much more expensive than a version update - and it is the same price whether you crossgrade from HALion 6 or HALion 7.

What licence(s) did you own before your purchase yesterday?

I may have messed up: I have Absolute 5 which contained Halion 6. I have not activated my Halion 7 upgrade; I wonder if I can swap it out…

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund:

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Unfortunately, I purchased it through Sweetwater. Ugh…