Purchasing Nuendo 7 in Canada


I’d wish to purchase Nuendo 7 from the canadian store, but all it offers me is to buy an upgrade from the older versions or to crossgrade from a software I don’t own either. Can someone please tell me how to purchase Nuendo 7?

Gabriel Antoine Vallée

Hello Goobz,

you should be able to purchase Nuendo 7 at any authorised Steinberg-Yamaha dealer in Canada. Please contact Yamaha Canada to find about the location of the closest one to you: http://ca.yamaha.com/en/support/contacts/

It should also be available e.g. through Amazon or eBay.

Hope this helps!

Hello there Gabriel,

Try a Long@McQuade , they are a large and well respected retailer all across Canada.
I am in Toronto and had excellent support when needed trough Lindsay Warner @ Yamaha [Steinberg division 416.628.3698]
If you in my area you’re more than welcome to drop by to try it hands on.

best luck…

Thanks guys, I bought it from Long & McQuade, even though it amounts to a lot more than the price listed on steinberg’s website. I just wish they would make it so we can buy it directly from them.

Anyways, thanks for the answers,


Gabriel Antoine Vallée

Not likely Gabriel. Nuendo is listed at $ 1,800 last I’ve checked. Please don’t forget we are paying for US>CA exchange and HST !! No way that L&McQ charges over list price, ever.

Another Andrew from Canada. For those stumbling on this thread in the future. I would suggest that you check in with Yamaha/Steinberg in Toronto, as mentioned above before going to retail.

And yes, I concur with Lemix, Long & McQuade are a very good dealer in Canada and service Steinberg products well. I purchased a full version (not upgrade) of Nuendo through L&McQuade but spoke with Yamaha distribution out of Toronto first.

@Goobz yes its a bit unfair that its costs over £300 more in your country than those that can buy it directly from Steinberg. Hopefully heisenberg9 suggestion is one that may put things back on a level playing field.

Hey there fuzzydude

Nope…there is nothing unfair about how it is priced for resale here in Canada.
Steinberg’s official price is $ 1,800. Same as any authorized store or online retailer in North America.
The buyer needs to convert that to local currency ( 1 USD = 1.311 CAD :imp: ) and add on taxes. ( 13% HST in Canada )

Nuendo 7 full price ( boxed, non update ) in Long&McQuade is $ 2,299, which is actually a better deal than today’s exchange rate ( = 2,361.15 CAD ) !
That would be 1,477.77 GBP + VAT in the UK today. What does it sell for ??

Also, educators and students enjoy significant discounts . [Goobz ??]

Actually, the price I got charged is as follow (taken from the email they sent me):
Shipping Free
Long & McQuade Shipping Insurance $69.00
PST $236.31
GST $118.45
Balance Paid $2,723.75 CDN

Goes without saying that it’s much more than the US people pay Nuendo.

Yes, painfully & unfortunately that is what the cost translates to with a 1.31 exchange rate from USD.

Again, for new users, how I approached it was I used the demo period given on an e-Licenser dongle I bought. The period was very generous which gave people enough time to get up to speed on Nuendo on it. Once the new version has been announced look for discounted copies of the prior version that could easily be on sale or could be discounted, if you ask.


If you do MIDI composition, I would recommend that you get the NEK extension pack for Nuendo. You essentially get full parity with Cubase plus all the post stuff you paid for with Nuendo.


Yes, my bad, damn rate converter defaulted to US result rather than UK :confused: