Purchasing problems


I just tried to purchase. I have a Sibelius license, but I don’t want to invalidate it, so I chose to purchase full license, which was advertised as $559.99.

When I clicked on Add to Cart there were 2 things happened.

First, it seems the ‘$’ was in some unknown currency (not stated) which converted to NZD 922.00. Quite a lot more than the sticker price of 559.99. You really should have a currency indicated on that page.

Secondly it adds GST (even though on the previous page it says without VAT). I know there are some new laws about GST, but

a) you are supposed to give me the opportunity to provide my GST number so that you don’t collect the GST.
b) if you don’t give me a valid GST number on your invoice, I can’t claim the GST back from the IRD here, so it amounts to an additional 15% penalty for me and additional 15% bounty for your payment processor.

I’ve had this problem purchasing software from European providers before, where their payment processors insist to take the GST, but don’t remit it to the IRD here (ka-ching!), and don’t give me a proper invoice so I can reclaim the business expense GST. In these cases I’ve had to get GST refunds from the merchant. This is an issue that needs to be looked into if you want to sell to business users in NZ.


Note that Steinberg crossgrades let you keep both licenses. You’re not forced to stop using Sibelius if you want to crossgrade to Dorico.

Adrien, I’m sorry you’ve had problems buying from our online shop. It’s quite likely that a dealer in New Zealand already has Dorico available – I will find out and report back to you as soon as I can.

As Romantique Tp says, there’s no need for you to surrender your Sibelius license to buy Dorico, so although we would be very happy if you decided to buy a full retail license for Dorico, there’s really no need to do so – the crossgrade is there precisely for people in your situation.

Adrien, I’ve looked into it, and you should be able to order Dorico from MusicWorks in Auckland, who are the distributor for Yamaha’s musical instrument products etc. in New Zealand. They don’t list Dorico on their web site, but if you make an enquiry with them, they will be able to order boxed product from Yamaha in Australia. I have also emailed them directly to let them know I have directed you to them.

I heard back from the people at MusicWorks, and they confirm that they do in fact already have Dorico in stock and ready to ship – it’s just not currently listed on their web site. But give them a call or drop them an email and they can get Dorico to you pronto.

thanks guys. I really like Dorico, although the last time I tried it (1.1) it had some issues which led me to purchase Sibelius. Sibelius comes with quite a few frustrations though so I check back here occasionally to check on Dorico, so it’s just a matter of time I think.

Thanks especially for your above and beyond efforts Daniel.