"Pure White" Score Editor Background Texture

I’d like to have the possbility of switching from any of the the current background textures to a white background texture. Would you please add one more (a pure white background texture)? Thank you.

Absolutely, this is a very basic feature.
I have already forwarded this request, but for any custom color, in addition to custom patterns and also custom background images! :wink:


No pure white in Cubase 12.

(just joking)

Just throwing my support behind this - it has been bothering me for a long time that I can’t select a pure white background! :slight_smile:

Let’s hope next Cubase versions will also take the score editor into account .

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Yes, just some small touches and additions would go a long way! Updated menus for example, or better looking slurs and ties, being able to resize clefs, more customization options, and of course a white background. The Cubase score editor still has some extremely nice and flexible elements, that I would even love to see in Dorico or Sibelius - so I hope they won’t take that away at least!

Edit: I’d also love to see the quantize tool being enhanced in the sense that you can apply it to only your boxed selection (vs at the insert point the whole score changes). Plus being able to import svg files (instead of jpgs only).

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