Purpose of Select Arrow

Dear Daniel,

This is a bit basic, as I have been using Dorico since 1.0 with much success, but I am a little confused by the purpose of the Arrow tool in the Notes Toolbox (far left panel) in Write Mode. When I select a rest and click on the Arrow Tool, the Rest Tool highlights. What will this enable a user to do? Is it just showing the status as being “you have selected a rest”? I remember you mentioning in the Dorico Launch Event that the Arrow tool allows the user to disable inadvertently clicking in notes with the mouse. Is that the main purpose of the Arrow “Select” button? In addition, I know the toggling behavior of the Hand/Marquee tool (shortcut H) allows for marquee vs. moving the screen, and it seems that toggling this mode to marquee is another way of enabling the cursor to “select” things, as in using the Arrow button. But the Arrow tool does not change status when in either Marquee mode or Hand mode.

In short, can you tell me the main purpose of the Arrow Tool, and when is it beneficial to use? And it seems there is a shortcut for the Arrow that I knew at one point, but can’t seem to remember.

Thanks in advance, Daniel (or others)!

The arrow tool, more properly called the Select tool, in the Note Input toolbox is to prevent mouse input: when the Select tool is activated, then you cannot input notes with the mouse, i.e. you can only Select and not input. If you have the ‘Enable note input with the mouse’ preference switched off, then the Select tool will be enabled by default when you start a new project or open an existing one, but you can of course toggle the Select tool on or off manually.

Thanks Daniel for this! Over the course of time at some point I disabled note entry with mouse input as the default. All clear now.

By the way, I really enjoyed listening to your recent interview with Robby Burns:

What is the keyboard shortcut for enabling/disabling the Select Tool? In the YouTube video (How To Input And Edit Notes), it’s mentioned that every tool in the Note Input Toolbox has a single-key shortcut. But I can’t find this one. :slight_smile:

Heh, in fact that one does not have a keyboard shortcut, but you can assign one in Key Commands: it’s Note Input > Disable Mouse Input.


I assigned the “~” key to Disable Mouse Input. The interface says it was added (and there were no conflicts), but when I press that key, the icon does not light up.

This is actually directly related to another post I was going to make: Yesterday I entered new shortcuts for selecting note duration that are easier for me to remember. I used the keypad numerals (not the row of numerals above the letters), but even though the interface accepted them, they are not working.

quarter note - keypad 4
eighth note - keypad 8
sixteenth note - keypad 6
(and so forth)

Dorico reported conflicts at first, but I removed the conflicts by reassigning all of the keypad keys, and Dorico accepted each entry. Forgive me for introducing this new topic here, but these topics now intersect, since the shortcut I’ve entered for Disable Mouse Input is also not working.

Is there a bug that sometimes prevents user shortcuts from firing? :slight_smile:

Yes, there have been numerous threads about this. Currently the custom shortcuts are not always working correctly. Fix is coming soon.

Thanks for letting me know. This was making me nutty. LOL. I’m a fiend for custom shortcuts (in every app I use), so this will be a welcome fix. :slight_smile: