Purpose of VST Connect SE?

I’m wondering what the purpose is with the SE version?
Are you just getting very low bit rate files, so they are not usable for a real production, eg vocals?
Then what is the point?
I like the idea and would like to get into it, but not sure if I will get meaningful results. Any SE users or there able to share their experience? I’m considering remote vocal recording mostly.

Limited to 2 tracks of simultaneous recording. VST Connect Pro offers 16

Isn’t there a file quality issue though, or can you get 44.1kHz 16 bit?

Not that I’m aware of.

That list indicates no HD file resolution, whatever that means. So mp3 quality only? So my question remains, what’s the point of it?

Indeed it does … apologies I missed that slash as a tick.

No problem, it is easy to see it that way. Are you using the SE version?

I was … for one project … unfortunatley it got put on hold after we had got it sorted as such. Hence my experience is limited.

With the PRO version, wav files in 16 or 24 bit resolution can be recorded on the Performers computer and later transfered to the Studio, where they are then inserted on separate tracks. Furthermore, up to 16 tracks can be recorded this way, and there is extensive support for video and ADR functionality.
What’s the point? If you are not a professional and the compressed recordings suffice your taste (they are of great quality anyway), and you don’t need any of the other fancy features, you get a great tool to record somebody remotely in perfect sync while beeing able to communicate via audio and video, that’s “point” enough don’t you think? Also you can test it to see if it works for you and eventually decide to purchase a PRO version.

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Yeah, it’s not really usable for professional use.

It’s great to see if it works for you, because it can be quite complex to set up, but once it’s up and running , it’s an incredible tool to use.

Also also , if you are recording as a hobby, that could be also OK to use it for.

I was on a project last year and due to Covid I couldn’t record with the performer in my studio.

Tried SE but gave up quickly and bought the Pro version.

Or for working on mock-ups with other persons, on the preproduction or composition stage.

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Yeah, I guess. Then $200 bucks to go from 320bit/s 1.4Mbit/sec (16-bit 44.1kHz, stereo). But I don’t need any other features.

However, what is the 320 bandwidth transferring? Some kind of lossless format, FLAC?

Not a word in the manual that I can find. And how many bits?
If I can use all that bandwidth for a mono track, assuming 12-bit uncompressed then it would be 26.7kHz. I can use that for vocals but if it cuts frequencies below 10k it will be a problem. Wish the manual had some clarity here.

Hello. I can’t tell you about the bandwidth, I don’t know, unfortunately. Regarding price, in 2021 was at 50% off in September. I can remember, as I purchased it, together with other things. With some patience maybe you could have a good deal.