Pushing audio through Zoom (the VoIp software)

Ive been trying to share my audio through Zoom (zoom.us) to show my cubase, and push the audio from cubase to the other people on the call. I’ve seen this work with Protools on a mac.

Im on PC, Win 10.
I can play spotify and regular audio through Zoom, but not the Cubase out. Help!

Currently Cubase is assigned to my only soundcard, Prism audio USB, with audio outputs analog 1 +2
Where am I going wrong?



Cubase uses ASIO whereas zoom and your other software probably uses windows wdm architecure. RME devices for example can be set up so this works. Don´t know how that works for your hardware.

With me same problems… Due to Corona Virus I am doing on line lessons for the students at the conservatory and being able to share Dorico’s Audio through the Zoom Platform would be of great help. I see that Spotyfy, ireal etc can share the audio but not Dorico

Hello J,

Do you have an old laptop or something with an audio interface to run Zoom on? If so that works.

We use a Mac utility that can internally mix audio from different internal computer sources (Nuendo output, Mic input, etc.) to a virtual source that Zoom can access to send. I’ve heard of Windows equivalents, not sure what they are. The nice part about using a virtual source is Nuendo and and your streaming software don’t have to share anything except the computer, no conflicts.
You can also mix them externally and send back in via another cheap audio interface, again isolating Nuendo and your streaming software.


Thanks guys,

Yes, seems there is no simple way to do this on the PC (Damn you windows!). Other responses I got else where was to use Audiomovers ‘ListenTo’. It’s a paid service and just runs the audio through a web browser in high quality. Little overkill for me as I don’t plan to use it for that.



Hello Hugh, thanks for your insight. I have a brand new Catalina upgraded Mac Computer. It has even happened that Dorico had played through Zoom a couple of times. Then it has crashed. I really don’t manage to understand the nature of the problem. I also experience some issues passing from Logic XPRO to Dorico and back. (Dorico not starting). But thos is maybe another issue. I’ll probably find something on the Forum about it.
Would you please be so kind to expand a bit on this App you are using.
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If you’re using an audio interface with a Loopback function, (or whatever your interface might call it) turning that on will give Zoom the audio. The Steinberg interfaces have that.

I tried this using a separate laptop and soundcard connected to my studio PC.

FWIW You have to ‘enable stereo’ in zoom - even on a fast internet connection the sound quality was terrible. abandoned this as an idea - maybe it’s different if it receives a digital stream direct from another APP ?

As stated, the Loopback feature will do the trick. One difficulty could be in using your mic at the same time. To avoid a feedback loop I create a track for my mic then click the yellow monitor button for the track. Using group faders or VCA faders will allow balancing of the mic input with the other tracks.

thread - back from the dead :slight_smile:
there is now a hifi music mode in Zoom - settings > audio > advanced > high fidelity music mode

(click the ? on that option to learn more)